QualiTee Hot-Tap Clamp

Qualitee_QCS_0277The Oil States QCS QualiTee is a pipeline fitting that allows the operator to connect two pipelines without shutting down the line.  Fittings are available for both structural and non-structural applications.

Inboard collet-style grips ensure firm gripping of the pipe during installation. The grips are pinned to the inner body to prevent dislodging during installation. Units from 8″ to 24″ are typically in stock for fast turnaround.

Key Features

  • Collet gripping system, which is pinned to the inner body, so they cannot become dislodged during installation.
  • Standard full-pressure, end-load structural reinforcement.
  • Standard Viton seals.
  • Reduced pressure boundary and longitudinal seal length.
  • External and internal coating


  • Pipeline repair operations – shallow water, diver assist


  • Engineering design
  • Testing – FAT, SIT design qualification
  • Coatings
  • Installation technical assistance