Custom Molding

Lampasas Facility Exterior 2015Oil States Lampasas provides custom elastomer molding services to energy service companies involved in drilling and completing oil and gas wells. We also provide molding services to companies involved in the mining, industrial, pipeline and commercial markets, among others. Our personnel work closely with the client to develop elastomer compounds suitable for the product environments. Current press sizes range from 15 ton to 1,414 ton (compression line) and 250 ton to 450 ton (injection line).

Oil States Tulsa provides custom plastic and elastomer molded products, composite machined products and assemblies to oil and gas service companies, food and beverage companies as well as other companies in various related industries.

Sales Contacts

United States | Lampasas
Email +1 512 556 5471

United States | Tulsa
Email +1 918 250 0828

Oil States Tulsa

Key Features

  • 75 compression and transfer presses.
  • 3 injection-molding presses.
  • Filament winder and water jet equipment.
  • Consignment stocking programs.
  • Direct shipping to multiple field locations.


  • Oil and gas
  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Drilling
  • Industrial


  • Thermoset plastics custom molding
  • Thermoplastics custom molding
  • Elastomer molding and metal bonding
  • Mold tooling design
  • Composite assemblies
  • Composite machining

Oil States Lampasas

Key Features

  • 43 compression presses.
  • 12 injection presses.
  • 10 panstone presses (dual: compression or transfer).
  • 2 mills
  • 1 extruder/1 barwell


  • Oil and gas
  • Drilling
  • Industrial
  • Pipeline
  • Commercial


  • Engineering
  • Elastomer compound development
  • Mold tool design
  • Elastomer molding
  • Elastomer-to-metal bonding
  • Elastomer machining