Wet Christmas Tree Connector

 The Oil States Wet Christmas Tree Connector (WCT) is a robust, hydraulically actuated collet-style connector for deepwater applications. The connector is designed for quick, easy installation of rigid or flexible jumpers, tiebacks and flowlines via ROV interface.

The connector and accessories utilize a modular, standardized component system. This allows for a single connector size to to accommodate a range of hub and pipeline sizes with only minimal modification. The interface can be designed as funnel up or funnel down design. The metal to metal sealing interface also includes a secondary elastomeric seal for environmental
containment and immediate seal integrity testing.

The WCT utilizes an integrated soft-land system to prevent hub and seal damage from hard landings, redundant hydraulic release systems and seal change out capabilities that do not require pulling the jumper to the surface. The simplified ROV interface panel assists with immediate annulus testing while on bottom.

See the Wet Christmas Tree Connector animation here.

Sales Contacts

Email +1 713 445 2210

Key Features

• Proven, robust collet-style technology
• Standardized component system for grouped sizes
• Metal to metal sealing with environmental backup seal
• Integrated soft-land system
• Redundant hydraulic release system
• Seal change out capability while on bottom


• Flowlines, tiebacks and jumpers, rigid or flexible lines
• New or repair pipeline construction, PLEM/PLET tie-in
points – deepwater, ROV


• Engineering design
• Testing – FAT, SIT qualification
• Coatings
• Installation technical assistance