FlangeMate Misalignment Connector

Flangemate_QCS_0606The Oil States FlangeMate Misalignment Connector is a highly engineered product that facilitates the connection of flanged tie-ins for underwater pipelines. The FlangeMate allows for 10 degrees of angular misalignment (20° total misalignment), bolt-hole alignment and metal-to-metal sealing. Metal-to-metal sealing is repeatable and can be verified via an annulus test port.

See the FlangeMate connector animation here.

See spoolpiece repair animation here.

Key Features

  • Angular misalignment of 10° (20° total misalignment).
  • Bolt-hole rotation aligns bolt holes with those of the weld neck flange to facilitate quick makeup.
  • Repeatable metal-to-metal seal that can be verified via annulus test port.
  • Enhanced wiper seal system to isolate the metal sealing area from contaminants.
  • Designed to accommodate high-capacity flange spreader loading.


  • Pipeline repair operations – shallow water, diver assist


  • Engineering design
  • Testing – FAT, SIT qualification
  • Coating
  • Installation technical assistance