Specialty Welding

inspectionShotCloseUp2Acute Technological Services (ATS) provides welding services worldwide for both onshore and offshore activities. ATS has more than twenty years experience in providing engineered welding solutions. A leader in the welding industry, ATS is advancing the science of welding engineering and generating technical innovations through the application of new technologies and proven scientific methods.

Sales Contacts

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Key Features

  • Welding engineering and consulting services including systems design, specification development, training and monitoring.
  • Developmental welding services for procedure design, qualification, process design and specialized testing including weldability, metallurgy, failure and corrosion analysis.
  • Automatic and manual welding – Orbital GTAW, pulsed GMAW, overlay, buttering, GTAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW and PAW.
  • Specialized and critical-application welding for deepwater production, riser systems, control systems, flowlines and land-based pipelines.  Capabilities include high-allow welding, coiled tube welding, CNC tube bending and cladding services.
  • Inspection services for non-destructive (NDT), in-house digital X-Ray and CWI monitoring.


  • Critical welding for deepwater applications, multi-jointing of steel catenary risers, flowlines and land-based pipelines
  • Welding of super duplex, nickel and other high-alloy materials, including control components, couplers, umbilicals and flying leads
  • Fabrication of cryogenic testing systems for aerospace
  • Coiled tube services – bending and welding
  • Cladding services


  • Welding engineering and consulting
  • Worldwide welding and full- scale production services
  • Cladding
  • Inspection services
  • Research and development