Leak Repair Clamp (LRC)

LeakRepairClampQCS_0478The Oil States Leak Repair Clamp (LRC) is a split-sleeve, clamp-style fitting designed to encapsulate and seal off localized pipeline leaks. This robust clamp comes in structural and non-structural designs and is the preferred method for permanently repairing pinhole and crack-type pipeline leaks.

Hydraulic cylinders are used to assist with the open/close functions. Quick installation design makes use of hydraulic stud tensioners to tighten the body and seal bolts for a permanent, environmentally safe repair.

See repair clamp animation here.

Sales Contacts

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Key Features

  • Circumferential seals that are energized by tightening the end bolts of the clamp.
  • Standard Viton seals.
  • Cathodic protection.
  • Hinges and hydraulic cylinders assist with the open/close functions during installation.
  • Stud tensioners are used to tighten the body and seal bolts.


  • Pipeline repair operations – shallow water, diver assist


  • Engineering design
  • Testing – FAT, SIT design qualification
  • Coatings
  • Installation technical assistance