MPD Riser Integration Joint


Oil States compact Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Riser Integration Joint (RIJ) has been designed to improve safety and increase operational efficiency.

Hands-free flow line and umbilical stabbing removes the need for man-riding.

Oil States joint is around half the length and up to 1/3rd the weight of conventional RIJ’s, making it easy to handle and fast to rig-up.

Being fitted with twin retrievable stripper packers and bearing assembly, the joint is completely serviceable whilst over well center. Stripper packers are run and retrieved by drill pipe tool removing the need to pull the RIJ from the string or return to the onshore service center to replace annular seals.

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Key Features

  • Approximately half the length and 1/3rd the weight of conventional Riser Integration Joints.
  • Fast rig-up with hands-free flow line and umbilical stabbing.
  • Fully serviceable while over the well center.
  • 18-3/4″ through bore with stripper packers and bearing assembly removed.
  • Integrated riser gas handling.


  • Combined managed pressure drilling and riser gas handling.
  • Below tension ring application for floating vessels.
  • Above tension ring application for platforms and jack-ups.


  • Engineering
  • Integration
  • Maintenance