Air Tubes

Air Tube Product FamilyOil States Air Tube actuators are used in disk-type clutch and brake applications found on a wide variety of machinery used in power transmission and braking.

The Oil States Air Tube is constructed with high-quality elastomers and fabrics which, coupled with our 65 years of experience manufacturing these type of actuators, make us the leading manufacturer of this product.

Its high-quality construction and reliability make the Oil States Air Tube the best solution for OEM and replacement applications.

These parts directly interchange with most popular disk clutch applications utilizing the air tube actuator.

Key Features

  • High-speed applications.
  • Low-volume options.
  • Low-temperature elastomer’s available.
  • Complete line offered including high-torque tubes.
  • Replacement interchange with most disk clutches worldwide.


  • Industrial machinery
  • Ball-mill applications
  • Oilfield applications
  • Metal-forming equipment
  • Rubber-processing machinery


  • Engineered applications
  • Application support
  • Customer service
  • Field sales support
  • One year warranty
  • Available from stock