Oil States Industries Support Our Own

While many around the nation watched the TV in awe of the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, it was a real life nightmare for many Oil States families. Harvey was a different type of hurricane with much lower wind than most storms but the water it produced was astonishing.

Over several days the storm dropped just under 52” of rain beating a record for most rainfall in the continental US since 1978. Houston typically sees 49” of rain over the course of the entire year.

Areas that have never seen flood conditions were swamped in the middle of the night with rising waters. Many families had only minutes to grab a few clothes and their pets before being rescued by boat. Some had to wait for what seemed like an eternity to be rescued.

In times like these, it all comes down to “community”. There were multiple Oil States Houston area families that felt the devastating effects of Harvey, many losing years of belongings and memories. Employees stepped up to help those in need by offering food, shelter, supplies and more.

Management and employees at numerous Oil States locations organized raffles, fundraising efforts, clean-up days and support to those affected. While it could not replace everything that was lost, it certainly was a start on the rebuilding process. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this heart-felt effort.