The World’s Largest Pipeline Repair Clamp

The largest pipeline repair clamp in the world was recently showcased at the public ceremony held in Haugesund, Norway. The clamp was built by Oil States’ Houston Subsea Pipeline Systems division as part of a contingency equipment plan for a twin 48” pipeline system that runs through the Baltic Sea.

This unique diver-assist or ROV operated clamp was designed to overcome many engineering challenges for emergency pipeline repair.  The clamp, the world’s largest full structural and leak repair clamp, weighs approximately 106 tons and is 30 feet in length. It has a sealing length of 10 feet and operates at a relatively high pressure of 220 bar.  The clamp has some unique characteristics that allow the internal grips and sealing features to be changed out for various pipe sizes.  The pipeline was designed with four (4) distinct sizes of pipe outer diameters which the engineering group had to accommodate in the clamp design.  Additionally, the mud in the Baltic Sea is unusually corrosive which meant the exterior of the clamp needed to accommodate sour service while maintaining a 50 year design life.

A second clamp is being finalized to ship in early 2017 and with possible additional clamps being ordered, the Oil States team is well positioned for the challenge.

Participants at the Public Ceremony in Haugesund, Norway included Oil States attendees: Amber Robertson-Project Manager, 4th from left; Gerald Douglas-Director Pipeline Products, 5th from left; Mike Kief-VP Subsea Pipeline Systems, 7th from left.