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45 Ton Radial Logging Crane

April 26, 2018

Oil States Marine Cranes & Deck Equipment division delivered a 45 ton Radial Logging Crane. During mid-2017, Oil States Marine Cranes & Deck Equipment division in Houma, LA was approached by a timber automation company, about manufacturing the structure for their 175’ X 45 ton logging crane. These cranes are used at their facilities to offload arriving logging trucks and also to load the conveyor which takes the logs to be processed. This is the first venture by Oil States into the logging industry and it is offering some new opportunities. The scope of work included all fabrication, machining, and...

Oil States Industries Support Our Own

April 26, 2018

While many around the nation watched the TV in awe of the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey, it was a real life nightmare for many Oil States families. Harvey was a different type of hurricane with much lower wind than most storms but the water it produced was astonishing. Over several days the storm dropped just under 52” of rain beating a record for most rainfall in the continental US since 1978. Houston typically sees 49” of rain over the course of the entire year. Areas that have never seen flood conditions were swamped in the middle of the night...

Oil States Awarded Marine Cranes Contract for Leviathan Platform

April 30, 2017

Oil States Industries’ Marine Crane and Deck Equipment division in Houma, Louisiana, has been awarded a three-crane contract from Noble Energy to supply Nautilus™ API 2C offshore pedestal cranes. The cranes will be installed on Noble Energy’s Leviathan Platform in the Leviathan field off the coast of Israel.  The Leviathan natural gas field will supply Israel with natural gas using a subsea system that connects production wells to a fixed platform located offshore, with tie-in onshore in northern Israel. After testing, delivery to the topside fabricator is scheduled from Oil States’ Houma, Louisiana facility in Q1 2018. The Nautilus line...

Oil States Industries Commemorates 75th Anniversary

April 30, 2017

Oil States Industries announced today an assertive strategic vision in conjunction with the company’s 75th anniversary this year. Oil States is known as one of the most innovative independent companies in the oil and gas industry with a track record of success supporting customers in every major offshore basin and across key onshore, marine, and industrial applications.   Oil States currently has four primary business segments focused on Production Platform Solutions, Riser and Drilling Systems, Subsea Pipeline Systems, and Onshore/Marine/Industrial Solutions. At 75 and as the market continues to recover, the company is positioned for significant growth.  It is transitioning to become a...

The World’s Largest Pipeline Repair Clamp

April 30, 2017

The largest pipeline repair clamp in the world was recently showcased at the public ceremony held in Haugesund, Norway. The clamp was built by Oil States’ Houston Subsea Pipeline Systems division as part of a contingency equipment plan for a twin 48” pipeline system that runs through the Baltic Sea. This unique diver-assist or ROV operated clamp was designed to overcome many engineering challenges for emergency pipeline repair.  The clamp, the world’s largest full structural and leak repair clamp, weighs approximately 106 tons and is 30 feet in length. It has a sealing length of 10 feet and operates at...



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