Oil States UK Gateway Facility Grand Opening

Aberdeen, Scotland

During the Offshore Europe tradeshow 2015, Oil States was proud to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Aberdeen Gateway facility just south of the city. The event was well attended by many key customers as well as employees and featured site tours, food and drinks, as well as truly Scottish flair with entertainment by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

For about 30 years, Oil States in Aberdeen has been principally located at a leased facility on Blackness Road in Altens Industrial Estate. This location has historically been home to many OSI-UK administrative functions, but also manufacturing and welding of specialty tubular connectors. However, this site has had space limitations and had become outdated.

To solve these challenges, in parallel to opening of the Gateway facility, soon manufacturing will be transitioned to a newly constructed 240,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Heartlands, UK, which sits on 27 acres of land next to the M8 highway which runs between Edinburgh and Glasglow.

The new Gateway facility by contrast will continue to house engineering, project management, sales, and administration functions. Oil States anticipates that the move of manufacturing to Heartlands will reduce costs and improve project execution efficiencies, while the move Gateway will retain a core of key technical talent in Aberdeen to support customers’ needs.

Since the early days of the company in 1942, Oil States has invested to support internal growth and capacity expansion to meet the demands of the industry. Through these two new facilities, we are pleased to again demonstrate our continued commitment to enhance our capabilities so that we can continue to deliver innovative solutions and the high level of service that our customers have come to expect. We look forward to welcoming you to these two new facilities in the near future.